It is a smartphone app to replace
traditional hearing aids; a cloud service
to identify and address your hearing
difficulties; and a sound processing
technology to enhance the quality of
all sounds.

All that users need are a Windows Phone and a pair of earphones, no extra hardware needed. OHS app will be free to download on marketplace. After a 7-day trial period, users can subscribe it for $10 per month, or $99 per year. Compared to traditional hearing aid which costs $3000 on average, OHS allows more people to get the much needed help with its reachable price.

With OHS Cloud Hearing Center, all the necessary hearing tests can be finished online. The days where users have to run to a local hearing clinic every week are behind them.

Here we have OHS Online Hearing Center Beta for you to learn about your hearing ability. Everyone can sigh up for a free account and take a complete set of audiometry, including a high-frequency hearing test and a pure tone test. For OHS users, the test results will be used to customized the app; for others, the center provides them an easy way to keep track of their hearing condition.

Taking advantage of the computing power of smartphones, we adopt an unique, innovative sound processing tech to dynamically transposition sounds. Hence we can keep high-frequency information and increase users’ speech intelligibility by 20%.

Our unique technology in processing audio signals can detect which incoming sound needs to be modified. Sounds that are out of the users' hearing range will be perceived respectively and modified according to their audiogram. Those that do not need modification will be left untouched in order to minimize distortion.

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